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Undefeated Champion of the World
*after much chatter about the colors of the rainbow and what will be for dinner tonight, the Senel Six Squad ( even if they don't add up to six ) burst out of Senel's door! A flashy explosion background shows up behind them as they pause for 5 seconds dramatically posing for their nonexistent fans.*

WE HAVE A CITY TO SAVE!! *points off into the distance towards the low flying dragon shaped hot air balloon*


Current Mood: crazy SUPER

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*the sun sets on Werites Beacon causing the hustle and bustle of the day to die down. BUT! That doesn't mean the day is over, oh no. It has just begun within the Amazing Werites Beacon Inn/Tavern/Arena entertainment center!*

Hrrmp! Hrrmp! *Khang warms himself up with a a number of pushups within the arena*

I'll show Pointy Head that I've only grown stronger since our last fight!

Current Location: The Arena
Current Mood: determined determined

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*walks around the city with Mieu on his shoulder and scratches his massive manly chin.*

We've been walking around for a hour... where is Tear? This rib's a real pain in the side... literally!


Current Mood: frustrated frustrated

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*Swaggers back into town covered in bruises and scratches but with a huge grin plastered on his face*

Whew! Those megants sure know how to hold a great party!

*Stands there and starts laughing whole heartedly before wincing and placing a hand below his chest*

Heh, looks like one of the guys went and broke my rib! *grins*

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

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*paces back and forth in front of Senel's house while rubbing his bald head*

The punch got ruined because of me... I really should say sorry to the little lady. Kids shouldn't drink that stuff I dropped in there.

*rubs his chin and he pauses in thought*

There was enough punch in the bowl to not make a difference, right?

Raagh! *holds his head and grumbles* I don't know!

I need to find Shirley...

Current Location: Outside Senel's House
Current Mood: anxious anxious

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Buwahaha! Watch this guys!

*takes an empty can and pierces the bottom of it with his horn*


.... AGH! MY HORN!! IT BROKE!! *stares at his horn that has a can pierced through it in his hand*

Current Mood: shocked OMG

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Hm... I can't go the picnic unless I make something...

But what should I make? I'm not a cook, I'm a fighter!

Maybe I'll make something I like to eat...

*hits his fist onto his palm* I've got it!

I'll make ribs so tender that even my little Philia would be able to daintly eat it with a knife and fork. All i have to do is prepare it and then wait a long time for it to cook!

*scratches his chin* Where is Philia?

*runs off to buy racks of ribs*

Current Mood: creative creative

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After all that fighting in the Crystal Forest and out of the town with Stahn, I've worked myself a mighty appetite!

Time to hit that place with those huge steaks!

*pushes the doors open and grins widely*

Hey! Serve me up an order of your Monster Steak Special! I feel like a free lunch today!

Buwahaha! *seats himself at a table and calls for a waiter to bring him a drink*

You guys haven't stopped your contest of if I eat this whole steak in a hour it's free, right? Ahahah! I'm sure you haven't!

Current Mood: hungry hungry

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*adjusts the backpack filled with mostly food and a couple gels on his back*

Alright, this is the entrance of the city, right? Lets hurry and get to the Crystal Forest! I've been waiting for this since the arena!

Current Location: The Entrance
Current Mood: energetic energetic

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Alright, that's everything! Got some gels, drinks, and food all packed up!

*grins broadly* I'm all set for traveling out of this city in search of a real challenge! The monsters better be much stronger than the arena's or else I'll have to start asking some of the other people who've ended up here for a fight.

*punches his fist into his palm* Hurh!

That soldier woman, Chloe, said one of the ruins was a Crystal Forest? Where is she? She was going to show me the way there.

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful

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*tosses the last monster in the makeshift arena against one of the walls*

Is that the best you've got? I haven't even broken a sweat! Buwahaha! Where's the real challenge? All these monsters are nothing but pups.

C'mon! Bring your strongest fighters and don't hold back! I'm not holding back either!

Isn't there anyone who can give me a real fight?

Current Location: Arena under the inn
Current Mood: excited excited

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This place isn't so bad. Even if there's no real arena here....

The food's great though! Found a nice tavern that serves up steaks bigger than the plate it's put on cooked to perfection! They say that only a few men have been able to eat the whole thing out of the many who have tried but hah! A steak is no match for Bruiser Khang!

I cleaned off the plate and asked for dessert!

Buwahaha! I've beaten all who have challenged me in eating their giant steak and winning a free lunch and dinner!

There's no one who can match my muscles or my stomach!
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Okay, this doesn't look like Neustadt. Where's the arena? Or the park?

Where am I? Hrmph, no matter. I'll just find out and then get back to the arena. I can't let anyone try to take my place as the champion while I'm gone!

A warm up fight would jog my memory on how I got here.
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